Friday Scout

Flowers outside the Olympic Stadium
The Olympic BMX track

Steve and I

I dosed myself up on pseudoephedrine and paracetamol to attend the BMX seeding round at the London Olympics this week.  It was a bit of a struggle, but well worth it.  The garden planting was just incredible but because I wasn’t well we didn’t explore the whole site.  We have some photographs to show in a few days of what we did see.

Being bed ridden gave me an opportunity to catch up with Gardener’s World and time to potter about on the internet.  Here’s the good stuff:

Amy Merrick visits Stone Barns, near New York

The Guardian featured Battersea Park’s Old English Garden

Maine, Marriage – a lovely, personal post about marriage featuring photographs of Little Cranberry Island, Maine

Dahlia’s Springing Up, Just Like Mom’s

Lake Swimming in Vermont (this is a new favourite blog)

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