Barrington Court: a National Trust property in Somerset

On a very wet day at the beginning of our Somerset trip, we visited Barrington Court following lunch at a the Dinnington Docks pub. It is a National Trust property, I think one of the first acquired by the NT. The house is Tudor and was restored by the Lyle family (of Tate & Lyle) in the 1920s and Gertrude Jekyll advised the family on the garden design.

We were lucky as it was the last day of Antony Gormley’s famous installation Field for the British Isles, which was arranged over three separate rooms on the ground floor. I did a BFA in Sculpture and have seen many images of this art work in books so it was really nice to see a version in person.

The photos here were taken on my iphone so the quality is not the best, but I am pretty happy with them considering the conditions.  My photographs of the kitchen garden (ooh, I love a kitchen garden) will follow in another post.

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