Puhoi and Matakana by The Selby

I love The Selby.  What a surprise to see that he has paid a visit to Matakana and Puhoi, small villages north of Auckland and not far from where I grew up. They are really wonderful places to visit: Puhoi is now being marketed as a “historic village” and Matakana has been known as a foodie haven for a few years now.  My Dad was telling me on my latest visit home that my grandfather used to help out at the Puhoi Pub.  It’s not pictured, but it’s a sun trap and so full of character.


2 thoughts on “Puhoi and Matakana by The Selby

  1. Love the little Puhoi Library. I visited Puhoi on a school trip when they were filming the Stephen King movie Tommy Knockers. True story.

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