Friday Scout

This is Holly Grove in Peckham under the first dumping of January snow, a few days after we returned from New Zealand.  What a welcome.  I love the novelty of snow, but I have to admit that I am counting down the days to the arrival of spring.

So, happy Friday!  Here is the first of many Friday Scout posts for 2013, with the best things i’ve found online in recent times:

The Best Places to see Snowdrops

Amazing lighting designs by Nervous System using leaf and pollen structures

The Selby visits the Kings County Distillery

Rose harvesting for oil in Bulgaria (via 101 Cookbooks)

Latest favourites on Gardenista: Dried Hydrangeas and Vines as Indoor Decor

Photos of Amy Merrick’s beautiful flower studio

One Year at Worlds End (recommend a poke around the rest of the website, an inspiration!)


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