Puhoi and Matakana by The Selby

I love The Selby.  What a surprise to see that he has paid a visit to Matakana and Puhoi, small villages north of Auckland and not far from where I grew up. They are really wonderful places to visit: Puhoi is now being marketed as a “historic village” and Matakana has been known as a foodie haven for a few years now.  My Dad was telling me on my latest visit home that my grandfather used to help out at the Puhoi Pub.  It’s not pictured, but it’s a sun trap and so full of character.


Walcot Hall – amazing holiday accommodation

What a lovely winter getaway this beautiful old chapel would make.  It can be found at Walcot Hall in Shropshire, where it was lovingly restored and is now rented as accommodation.

walcot hall chapel

walcot hall bed

walcot hall accommodation

Walcot Hall looks to be an amazing place, offering a huge variety of holiday accommodation, from lovely apartments, to camping and gipsy caravans in their arboretum.

Bird House Feeders

Love these very sweet bird house feeders from the Chelsea Gardener. Alas, we have tried and failed with bird feeders – they don’t get a chance in our garden as unfortunately we have some very bullish local squirrels!

We’re heading to Petersham Nurseries tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some pictures to share some time in the week.