Bird House Feeders

Love these very sweet bird house feeders from the Chelsea Gardener. Alas, we have tried and failed with bird feeders – they don’t get a chance in our garden as unfortunately we have some very bullish local squirrels!

We’re heading to Petersham Nurseries tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have some pictures to share some time in the week.

Ella Johnston’s bird portraits

Bird lovers will very much like British artist Ella Johnston‘s art and stationery products.  The artist says:

I also love being out in the wilds or even in a city park, amongst the birds, trees and flowers. My collection showcases the plant and bird life that I find inspiring and each design is drawn by my own fair hand.

She sells her wares through her store on  The images featured here are A3 limited edition giclee prints.

Hanging Indoor Gardens

Wow, I love these hanging glass bubbles by designer Shane Powers.  Would love to have them hanging in our kitchen window.  From what I can see you can’t get them in the UK, but for any US readers, they are available to buy here.

Air plants seem to be everywhere recently on design blogs and interiors magazines.  I have found two UK online suppliers here: Key Essentials and Just Airplants.