British Workwear: Old Town Clothing

I came across Norfolk’s Old Town Clothing on pinterest: someone had pinned one of the above ‘small trades’ photographs and I was intrigued. I shouldn’t have clicked, because I then spent far too much time devouring their website and googling them. They make really attractive, nostalgic workwear clothing from British fabrics.  They say on their website:

To the casual observer Old Town might appear to be simply an exercise in nostalgia, but we hope that the discerning might notice that the garments are essentially useful items with reference points and influences from past costume. In much the same way as today’s townscape is made of elements from different periods, we attempt in a simple way, to play with the notion of Now and Then.

There is a great interview with co-founder Will Brown here and I particularly recommend viewing their lookbook, Piccadilly Pleasures. I am pretty sure I am going to have to order the Jaywick dress, pictured below.


Tattly Vegetable Tattoos

Tattly are a really cool temporary tattoo co whose wee tatts are so awesome they surely can’t be just for kids, right? Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swiss Miss) started Tattly because she hated the badly designed temporary tattoos that were available for her daughter.  Shown here is the vegetable set by illustrator Julia Rothman.  I quite fancy a radish on my ankle.

I also might be quite fond of the Cartolina set….