Friday Scout – Garden Inspiration

This afternoon I am off to Edinburgh with some friends for the fringe festival. If the weather holds out, I may break off on my own for a trip to the Royal Botanic Garden, but it’s not looking good! If you’re at home this weekend, here is a very select list of links you may enjoy:

Botanic Superlatives: The Oldest Seed Bank

Beekeeping Basics: Show me the Honey!

Landscape painting fans will love these bags made by swarm, made using old oil paintings.

Juice, a love story

Harvesting garlic on Soule Mama

Who to follow on Pinterest: for gardeners and outdoor lovers

Pinterest, the picture sharing platform, can be an intimidating beast if you’re new to it.  It is a massive time waster, but if you’re an image collector like me, it is a vast and valuable resource.  If you’re new to pinterest and looking for like-minded green fingered pinners, here are a few of my favourite follows:

Enhabiten: for heritage imagery, rustic products, interesting textiles, healthy food and country scenes.

Kaitlyn Harun: for interior gardens, cacti, natural products, typography, vintage clothing.

The Small Garden: almost exclusively garden design inspiration

French Grey: for florals, inspiring gardens, french interiors.

My pinterest boards can be found here.  Happy pinning!

Becca Stadtlander

Becca Stadtlander Love Grows

I am a huge fan of Becca Stadtlander’s whimsical illustration work.  She paints the most beautiful landscapes which are full of life and feeling.  She has recently collaborated with Red Cap Cards and the results are lovely: I would urge you to check out the rest of her range.  She has also made work for the New York Times,  O – The Oprah Magazine and Jamie Oliver Magazine.

Strawberries by Becca Stadtlander

Lily Pads by Becca Stadtlander

Card by Becca Stadtlander