The grounds of the Andalusia Contemporary Art Centre

The Andalusia Contemporary Art Centre in Seville can be found on a fascinating site: originally a 15th century monastery, it was acquired by an English merchant in the 19th century and became a ceramics factory. Remnants of both these incarnations can be found all over the grounds, which are enormous.

The art centre is on the ‘other’ side of the river from the city centre, but we were able to walk from our hotel on the Alameda.  Highlights were the inaccessible courtyards, seen from inside the gallery, containing beautiful trees losing their leaves; the orange grove and the small tree house sculptures dotted around.

Orange Grove

Pink trumpet vine found hanging in a courtyard.


Ceramics factory remnants

The Alcázar, Seville

palm trees seville

The Alcázar is one of the most amazing places I have ever been.  It is seriously wonderful, an oasis from the blazing heat of the city streets.  If you are thinking about potential travels for next summer, stick Seville on your long weekend list.

The interior of the palace is just as amazing as the gardens: all hand painted tiles, enormous tapestries and lovely courtyards.  It’s a busy place, but don’t be frightened by the queue to get in.  Once inside (and provided you can avoid the large tour groups – there are many!) you can really get away from the hordes as the place is huge.

alcazaralcazar monkeyalcazar treebox hedge alcazaralcazar courtyardsevilla alcazar

Friday Scout

 Taken at the Alcázar in Seville

Gosh it is dark outside.  I can’t believe that last week we were in Seville, where it was 33 c and glorious.  I have to say that I feel slightly more comfortable with the onset of winter having had that sunny break, however.

As usual, here are this week’s finds:

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Have a GREAT weekend!

Seville sneak peek

seville contemporary art

I have bundles of photographs from our Seville trip to go through and I am flat out with work, but I loved this one too much to wait.  It was taken in the grounds of the Andalusia Contemporary Art Centre on a super hot and sunny national holiday.  Strangely the entire place was dead… a complete contrast to the Tate Modern on a bank holiday Monday!  Might be something to do with the weather…