The London Olympic Park Gardens

We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Olympics BMX competition and I was equally excited to be able to see the much talked of gardens in the Olympic park in all their perfectly timed glory.

As mentioned in my post on Friday, I was ill, so we didn’t do a proper park tour but shown here are the lovely parts of the park that we did see.


Hampton Court Flower Show 2012 – Floral Marquee

We were so lucky.  So so lucky.  We went to our first Hampton Court Flower Show this year and amidst weeks and weeks of rain, the sun shone. It was glorious and sweltering and I was rather inappropriately dressed (work dress, incl. black 60 denier which I laddered – hot!).  Fortunately for me, we found a beer tent upon entry and I had packed sunglasses.

As newbies we were mystified by many things, number one being the countless people pulling along their purchases with box carts – after an entire afternoon on site we were still none the wiser as to where people were purchasing these things.  Also the Plant Heritage Marquee completely passed me by and we missed a number of show gardens.  Amateurs.  But anyway, I loved it.  We took an awful lot of photos.  Here are the best of the floral marquee.